Foot Reflexology

What do I Offer?

​Auricular Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

This is the most popular type of reflexology treatment and can provide quick results.  It is also very relaxing as clients are reclined during the treatment.

The treatment starts with an overview of your feet, noting any dry skin and the colour and warmth of your feet.  This alone can be indicative of imbalances in your body.

The feet are then massaged to open the reflexes up and the treatment commences.

Most foot treatments take just under an hour after the initial treatment.

Not many reflexologists offer auricular reflexology and after receiving treatments myself find them surprisingly relaxing and effective!  They can have immediate results for joint stiffness and pain. 

Also, by applying ear seeds to the areas out of balance, the client can continue the treatment through self-help.

Again, I prefer my clients to be reclined during an auricular treatment and again most treatments take around 30 minutes.

This is a very useful reflexology treatment as can be done anywhere!  It is also extremely good for self-help!

However, for the comfort of my clients, I like to do the treatment reclined with your hands/arm resting on a pillow.

As with foot reflexology, the treatment starts by massaging the hands to open up the reflexes.

It is an extremely relaxing treatment and is especially good if you have a foot injury or do not like having your feet touched!

Most hand treatments take around 30 minutes.

As a level 5 practitioner I have been highly trained receiving a Centralia Mastership through the Contemporary Reflexology College.  We are trained to look at our clients individually and assess their current health and needs when treatment planning.   We studied the anatomy and physiology of the human body and how external factors upset the balance.

As holistic practitioners we cannot diagnose, prescribe or cure but are there to offer support, relaxation and help your body rebalance, thus improving the well-being of people living with illness.

A typical first treatment with myself consists of a general chat about your health and what you want reflexology to help with.  I then go through a general medical questionnaire and if there are no contra-indications a full treatment is given covering all body systems.  This is so that I can identify any areas that are out of balance that haven't already been highlighted.

Following this, I then devise a treatment plan specifically for you - be it to help manage pain for chronic back ache or to help balance hormones. 

Initially, I may want to see my clients on a weekly basis for a couple of weeks for the treatment to be effective.  This is then reviewed once the body has started to rebalance and a new treatment schedule is suggested.

​Most people opt for the popular foot reflexology.  It's amazing how many people tell me that they don't like having their feet touched or have ticklish feet, that go on to thoroughly enjoy a foot reflexology treatment!  However, hand reflexology can be equally relaxing and useful if a client has a foot injury.